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Review and accept our privacy policy before continuing using the our website.


DTT or Marketer-X SEO & Digital Marketing manages this website and is registered in Sweden under the registration number 197907246131 and is responsible for the collection of your personal data throughout your use of this Website and navigation. This privacy statement, therefore, refers to this Website ( & (the ‘’company’’, ‘’we’’, ‘’us’’ and/or ‘’the Website’’).
The protection and security of your data are extremely important to us and therefore we take it very seriously.
All data collected on this Website will be processed and secured in accordance with this privacy policy statement (“Privacy Policy”) and to the extent of applicable law.
You can always contact us at any time for any inquiries about the protection and privacy of your data or for any other reasons at [email protected] or [email protected]
Consequently, this privacy policy statement forms part of the Terms and Conditions of this Website and by using our Website and our services, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions and therefore, you understand and acknowledge that in accordance with this privacy policy statement we might collect your personal data and process it according to what the law permits it.
Nonetheless, at any given time and without any further questions asked, you may request to have your personal data completely removed.
“Personal Data” refers to any information that we may collect from you, the user while navigating our Website and/or submitting information in our request forms. This data could be identified as any information that could identify you as an individual.
All personal data we collect from you is voluntary and as part of your activities while visiting our Website and/or when filling out a form and submitting your request for information during our legitimate activities as a business.
It is important to mention that you have the option not to provide us with any information but by not doing so, we may not be able to provide you with our services or information regarding our services as we use your data to reach out and give you that information that you would want to get; for example, if not submitting a contact form for information request, we will not be able to proactively get in touch with you and give you any information which could be important to you.
When agreeing to provide us with your personal data, we may collect the following in order to help you:
Identity data – Full name, username, nickname and/or other similar identifiers such as birth date, gender and such at your own discretion collected by the submission of a form request from your side.
Contact data – Email address and telephone numbers by the submission of a contact request from the Website.
Device information – IP address (internet protocol) and geo-location, language settings, browser settings, time zone, platforms, operating systems.
Job application data – Name, email address, phone number and CV file by applying directly with us via email and/or by submitting a contact request form from the Website.
Cookies and other types of information stored locally on your device – When visiting our site you will be given the option to save cookies – These serve as a way to track your browsing history and by agreeing to the use of cookies, these will be collected by the Website in order to provide you with a faster and more pleasant user experience. You can at all times switch your cookie preferences and not having them active while you’re browsing our Website.
Other marketing information from external sources – Your data may reach us from third-party affiliates, personal recommendations, partners, customers and/or suppliers. Information from these such sources may have reached us before you started any agreement with us.
This Website does not intend nor provides and/nor transfers any data from minors, children and/or any other person which the law forbids in a deliberate form. If you happen to know of such data, you may inform us right away and we will delete it immediately.
Someone else’s data
You are only entitled to provide data that belongs to you and not from a different person.
We use your submitted/collected personal data to provide you with our services, communicate with you as per your request; send you relevant information and updates via email, newsletters, phone calls and/or SMS as per your request and analyse statistical data for our own feedback and in an attempt of always improve our services.
We may use the collected data to prevent and/or block access to any abuse or misbehaviour of the Website and our services.
We do not share your data with third party agents, however, in order to supply you with the best of our services, we may need at any given time to share your data with relevant professionals or agencies if it were relevant and necessary for your own project for a specific purpose. Your personal data and information, however, will be dealt with and managed with discretion and will not be transferred or shared with any third parties other than the previously mentioned. These third-party websites will be ensured to be adequate for the management of such data and that they are able to manage your data in accordance with our privacy policy and with the same standards. These must meet and comply with the data protection legislation.
These are the following potential entities that could get a hold of your personal data in accordance to what the extent of the law permits and to this Privacy Policy Statement:
1. Suppliers and subcontractors – We may disclose your personal data to any provider in which you are intending to get in touch and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
2. Parent company or daughter company – We may have to disclose your personal data to companies within our group and always with regards to establishing a better service.
3. Law and authorities – In the case that your personal data is required by the law and requested by legal authorities, we may have to release it. Such authorities may be Police, Tax Authorities, or any other authority.
4. Selling or ownership transfer of the website – in the case that this website and its intellectual property is sold and/or the ownership is transferred, in that case, the new owner will be handled with all data and information within the website.

Our website relies on cookies in order to work properly just like any other website. This improves your user experience and makes it more pleasant for you to navigate it. These cookies are stored in your browser and you can always remove them at any time and block all future cookies. Furthermore, you can always opt-out of the cookie settings so it doesn’t store anymore from your browser.
Note that using a different browser will demand a new action as all browsers are independent of one another.
Beware that opting-out from the cookie policy may affect your browsing experience as a user.
Some of the cookies that are usually used:
Essential cookies – These cookies are necessary for the website to work properly, these usually appear under a cookie tag, for example, “”.
Functional cookies – These are used to save specific settings such as language preferences and other options.
Session cookies – These are temporary cookies that are active during your browsing experience and are deleted once the browser is closed.
Targeting cookies – These are used to collect information that we use to improve our services and to provide you with relevant advertisements that you may find useful.
Social network cookies – Social plug-ins cookies are usually the ones that help us connect with you outside our website on our many social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Analytics cookies – These give us aggregated information relevant for the improvement of our website structure, feel and look and user experience among other advantages.
Third-party cookies – External cookies which would be needed to import data from external sources such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo for instance.
Opting-out your cookie preferences – You may reject your cookie settings at any time as stated previously and you can manage and change them over again as much as you feel like. You may set up notification of cookies within your browser but some features may not be available to you at times.

As previously stated, we process your data and information with the objective to provide you with optimal service, updates, important information and/or reminders.
We, the Website, do not rely on your consent in order to process your data while navigating our website, and you will be specifically asked to consent at the time in which you wish to submit a contact form to request information (e.g. registration, contact request, newsletter, mailing list, etc.) either from us or one of our advertisers and/or partners.
These partners or third-party websites are carefully studied by us and we will make sure at all times that any transfer of personal data to these third-party sites comply with the European standards of data protection of the GDPR and that they can ensure the security of your personal data before we pass-on any data to them.
Nevertheless, you are at any time free to withdraw your request and ask us to delete your information without prior notification and at any time.
Like so, we will retain your information and personal data (after voluntarily submitting it to us) for as long as it is needed to offer you services and/or until you request your data to be removed.
The UK left the European Union and entered a transition period that ended on December 31, 2021. This means that at the moment, all data transfer regulations are being taken under review and is the UK regime the one who will rule in the end what the regulation will be. Having said this, we are still keeping the highest standards of data protection to keep standards of the GDPR and this website will be dealing with the territories within the UK, Europe and Israel.

In order to secure the protection of your data, we use secure servers and various technologies. These technologies are reviewed on a constant basis and we will make sure to update them when needed and modified if they must be.
Despite strong efforts to keep your data secured and safe at all times, transmission, transfer and collection of data cannot be 100% guaranteed to safe.
As a user, you have always the final word. You have all rights over your personal data and it is your right to request any of the following actions at any given time and without any justification:
a) The right to amend, correct or change any of your personal data
b) The right to omit or deny any of your data
c) The right to access your data by asking to confirm it with us.
d) The right to erase, delete and eliminate your data from our systems at any time simply by asking us to do so.
e) The right to object to the use of your data for any of our activities such as marketing, reviews, etc.
f) You have the right to approach authorities and lodge a complaint at any time, however, we would love to hear from you before you do that and give us the chance to amend or correct or deal with any concerns you may have. We will highly appreciate it and we will be happy to help with any issues.

We reserve the right to make any amendments, changes or fixes to this “Privacy Policy” or Privacy Statement at any time at our own discretion. If we made any changes, these will be posted here and you will be able to access them immediately. By continuing using this website after such changes are made, you will be in full agreement with the new changes and of the current “Privacy Policy” of this Website.

Effective as of August 2023.

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